Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some Dark Dance From Tim Carr


Something wonderful hit my Inbox and I felt I had to share it. Even if it's copy-and-paste lazy bloggerizim on my part, the tracks are worth getting into.

"If you ask Tim Carr to describe his music you will find a consistently pure answer. His music is a portrait of the world through his eyes. He's not going for anything in particular - not melodrama, certainly not vanity, and not fame. He's just sharing his experiences and observations. He's just being Tim.

Having been drawn to the stage early in life, a theatrical influence transmits through Tim's music (one that is glaringly evident in his live shows). His upcoming release, "The Shadows", plays on this whimsical nature while also crossing in darker territory. Tim admits that "My music shows two sides of me. One that is playful and energetic (I love to dance). But one that is also introverted and dark. It's really just about the things that I experience in everyday life... happiness, tragedy and all of that."

For Tim this clarity was forged from past musical tribulations. In his early 20's he moved to Los Angeles and began working in mainstream music with the likes of Chris Field and ELO. However he quickly grew frustrated with the overproduced mentality and overbearing industry aspect of the LA music scene. Emphatically he sought refuge in San Francisco where he began writing and composing music with the simple idea that music should be about art first and industry last.

For the new release, "The Shadows", Tim teamed up with indie engineer and drummer Chris Crawford (French Miami) who recorded and performed on his last project. However this time he also enlisted the talents of veteran guitarist and mixing engineer Phil Manly (Trans Am, The Fucking Champs). The resulting sound is a perfect blend of flavors... it's dancy, dark, silly, fun, angry... it's Tim."

The Shadows releases February 7, 2012
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