Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Afternoon and The Weather Is Bad

Windy day. A storm is on the way. I am working my way through these Metric remix contest winners at RCRD LBL.
Can't figure out how to embed the player, so I guess you have to go to the site to stream and download.

I am trying to compile a list of all the Twin Shadow remixes out there. Not mixes done by Twin Shadow, but rather mixes off the 2010 album "Forget". Suggest some if you know of any.

Oh, maybe I figured this out... another find on RCRD LBL that I kinda dig. Reminds me of Le Tigre:

Well, that seemed to work, so expect more of these little widgets. Why not? That's the point of this blog: sharing new music. Some of it may be disposable and some may turn into an obsession. There is just so much music out there with the internet now... too much to get to. I read Facebook and just scroll past so many video posts of old stuff. It's tough to find the gems these days. That Metric remix collection mentioned above? I moved on through certain mixes... some were just not my thing. Not one has made me want to download it.

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