Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Just read a post from a member of Trembling Blue Stars: "New (and final) TBS 6 track EP "Correspondence": artwork & music sent to the factory today. Expect an orange vinyl 10" with Half-Light & Outside remixed by Robert Hampson available from Elefant Records in May."
I hate to say good-bye. The music of TBS means a lot to me and is the soundtrack to a certain time in my life. Oddly, I found their music by accident and I held it close to my heart, not sharing it, not screaming about it to friends. It was something I wanted to enjoy alone. I looked a little deeper into the band and discovered that I crossed paths with one of the beautiful voices in this act. After this discovery, I developed a deeper emotional attachment to the music. It's all in my head, mind you. Still, this fleeting attachment makes every word and note more personal.

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