Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Found something worth posting. It's a shoegaze track from an LA band called No Joy. The first few seconds instantly remind me of The Cure's "Prayers For Rain". Listen / download via Bandcamp here.
Ah, well now, what else. I have been more focused on T.V. and films of late. Saw the American version of "Shameless" and I hated it. I will admit that I thought "The Office" would never translate... but Shameless is too rooted in it's culture. Americans just do not have the same attachment to the pub, the Estates, the class system... William Macy is a great actor, but he's never going to be the Frank Gallagher I love. Oh well, call me an Anglophile. Maybe it's the Talbot in me. I was much more happy with the real Shameless episode 1 of Season 8.

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