Thursday, January 13, 2011

The 15th, Wire, Red Barked Tree

Fell asleep early and woke-up at an odd hour. Moved myself to The Computer. Loaded-up the new Wire album "Red Barked Tree" and found my first love of 2011. Wire has always been that band that my fellow DJs lauded. I was rather over-enthusiastic about "The 15th" when Fischerspooner covered that track.
Yeah, so I am all about Wire right now and I will be mentioning a couple acts when I can properly type (how soon is that? I'm caught up in Frank Gallagher's life at the moment, thank-you. Season 8 of Shameless). Need some more listens for now. Just search PyroFighter and Ghosthouse and get an early taste of my ramblings.

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