Friday, July 30, 2010

New VIP Subscription Program from A Different Drum

Synthpop and electronic music lovers can consider joining a VIP Subscription Program with the legendary label and on-line store A Different Drum.
ADD writes: "This new program is presented as a way to keep the avid CD collectors happy, with new synthpop / electronic pop music from established artists as well as new artists! The way this program works is very unique, so please read carefully to see if you would be interested in subscribing!"
"If there are enough serious CD collectors who want a steady stream of new music, then this program will be launched."

While at A Different Drum, consider pre-ordering two HUGE releases in the world of electronic pop: Color Theory's "The Sound" and Iris' "Blacklight". I've followed the output of both these acts over the past few years and I highly recommend them both!

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