Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stripmall Architecture: new single

Stripmall Architecture is a music project by Ryan and Rebecca Coseboom, the very same couple behind one of the best genre-crossing electronic acts: Halou. Further back, they made beautiful bliss-pop as "Anymore."
Stripmall members also include Patrick Harte, Tim Hingston, Roberto Burgos and Erica Mulkey.
The debut CD "We Were Flying Kites" is available here. It's offered as a download as well (only $5 !)

I am posting this because I adore all the Halou and Anymore material I own. They even have perfect cover of a Cocteau Twins song, so please look into their work! Here Rebecca explains the idea behind the song 'Feeling This Is Like To Fall Awake' - a Halou song dating back to 1997.

Stripmall Architecture has a new single titled "Radium Girls" from the forthcoming album, "Feathersongs For Factory Girls" out and you can grab it for a buck here.

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