Friday, December 11, 2009

Year End Lists: Don't Hate 'Em

Year-end lists aren't all bad. Sure, they can infuriate you, the music fan, if your favorite release isn't listed. The good can be found by being humble. You cannot have possibly heard every release on every list, right? So, cozy-up to your computer and research those albums you have never heard of or perhaps passed-up (admittedly, just a dumb name can make me pass up a band. Ladyhawke is a prime example).
So, the fading sunlight finds me enjoying a very fine Scottish band "The Twilight Sad". Can't listen to this material at anything but l-o-u-d and in stereo if not surround sound. This is music for mopey people that long for the 90's sustained guitar wall of sound, those crashing cymbals, and tracks over four minutes long. The wonderful vocal accent is a bonus for an American like me. There is no reason that I really enjoy Scottish bands. I have no bias, no connection, nothing. Just seems they produce superb rock. I'll keep my synth-pop love in the USA, England, Australia and Germany.
So, take a look-see at this list and explore. I am glad I did! How could I have missed out on The xx and....

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