Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Foxglove Hunt: New ep out on iTunes

From a blog post on myspace:

"Built My Fortress
Ok, so it's been over a year since we said anything on this blog. Sorry.

We've just put together an EP entitled "Built My Fortress" that will be released just before Christmas. This release will contain one never released track, two tracks from our Japanese-only release of "Stop Heartbeat" and live versions of "It's Not Effective", "That's Getting Personal", and "A Concealed Weapon".

We're getting things moving again toward a full length for the first part of next year, and thought this would be a nice way to get us going in that direction. We continue to stay focused on writing pristinely crafted pop songs, using the latest technology available from 1983. On our new tracks, there has also been almost an even 50/50 collaboration between Ronnie and I, which has been different and exciting. At least for us.

Thanks for your continued support - we feel privileged to be able to continue to make records for the love of it......


I found it at iTunes here for $5.94. This will be a Christmas present (for me)!

I am off to Orange County for the last Christmas at my mom's place. The house has sold. Who knows where I'll next year? Annual Christmas party at my Uncle's on Sunday in Los Angeles. Time to load up the mp3 player with driving music.

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