Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dust of Basement and Skinny Puppy

With Skinny Puppy showing here in town tomorrow, I am all over youtube tonight. I miss The Dust of Basement... very active in the 90's... a very fine take on pop's girl/boy duets...but darker and better. Saw them one time and it was one of best shows I have ever seen.

In Summer 2006, Dust Of Basement decided to discontinue their work. The finally concert was December 9th 2006 in the Berlin club K17.

1995 Regress - EpCD
1996 Words of god - MCD
1997 Remembrances - CD
1998 Remembrances 1998 - CD
1999 Opticus - CD
2001 Come with me - CD
2002 Five become two - 2CD
2003 Home coming heavens - CD
2004 Awakening the oceans - 2CD
2005 Meridian - 2CD

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