Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Last Two Weeks

Since I am on holiday, for two weeks (anyone get the reference?), I am able to delve deeper into my music search.
Here are some links you might enjoy. Lots of good sounds out there!

A new podcast by Bradley B is out. I'm listening now, to his Staycation. Excellent selection of tracks, as always. Love the Whip and Empire of The Sun choices!

The Raveonettes have offered a free new song, "Suicide". This Danish band gets better with each release, in my opinion (I was not a fan at first, and wrote them off as a worse version of BRMC). Google it or try Pitchfork for the download.

Good things happening at buzzbands.la Saw a post for The Lovemakers, who will be here in San Diego on August 14.

My crush on Emiliana Torrini's voice continues. Enough with the Bjork comparisons. It's an accent only! She plays the El Rey Theatre in LA on August 19. Los Compesinos! play after her on the 21st. Nice Summer for LA people! Not to mention the 6th annual FYF Fest, formerly the Fuck Yeah Fest, will be taking place September 5th, 2009 at the LA Historic State Park in downtown LA. This will be the first year the festival will be taking place outside of Echo Park.

I love Pee Wee and the LA Times has a nice piece on his return to the stage here.

The new [ingenting] track "Halleluja!" is available for free here. I wanted this one for my podcast and now I have it! Beautiful.

The Cribs add Johnny Marr, so says Filter Mag here.

Dot Allison is tweeting much these past days. I hope it's really her, as she responded to me and I got all excited. Follow her: http://twitter.com/DotAllison

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