Monday, May 18, 2009

Still Readin'?

Glad to have you. I have been slacking of late! New woman in my life, I must blame myself. This is all posted to Bauhaus: The 4AD Dark Sessions Parts 1 and 2! So, here's some of what you need and what I am sure you are here for:

Starfucker offers a fun, bouncy track for downloadings: Boy Toy

My favorite sweetheart, Anneli Drecker (Bel Canto, solo) has been reviewed for her work with Royksopp here.

My buddy, DJ Narcolept won't shut up about Cage The Elephant, so listen up to his obsession if it's still up here.

My brother has become more active on Facebook, so add him here.

A Yeah Yeah Yeahs bootleg for you here.

Electronic musicians will enjoy the goings on at

I'm still all sweaty over the new Camera Obscura CD "My Maudlin Career" as well as the new Depeche Mode. Go figure. Life fit it's way into both CDs. However, I a listening to Black Kids "Partie Traumatic" as I type this.

Bad news posted at

Spotted some Sander DJ set fine-ness here.

Electronic music fans, follow along here, as music is made.

Enough for one post? More to come!


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