Friday, May 29, 2009

New Podcast - Like Sugar #24 out now

Like Sugar PopCast 24 is now live. It's a shorter one. Only 45 minutes, as opposed to the hour long one I do. This one is more rock than synth. I do have a new mix in the works in addition. It's all indiepop and every track is 3 minutes or less. It's all very twee.

Never you mind my E.E. Cummings spacing. The Internet Police have been watching me, so I must go underground!

Like Sugar PopCast 24 Track-list:
01 - W hite Lies - F arewell To The Fairground
02 - C omputerclub (RIP) - B eat Connection
03 - O nly Ones - A nother Girl, Another Planet
04 - P honenix - 1 901
05 - T he Rakes - 1 989
06 - B lacklist - F light Of The Demoiselles
07 - T he Legends - A lways The Same
08 - W ar Tapes - The N ight Unfolds
09 - J ames Yuill - No P ins Allowed
10 - S ally Shapiro - M iracle

Direct mp3 download: Sugar - DJ Talbot - Popcast 24.mp3

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