Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It's 2017. Here's What Newer Stuff I Am Listening To

All material is recommended and appears in no particular order, excepting my own mix-tape posted right below. I am leaning toward more electronic-tinged post-punk revival these days. I still adore indie-pop and twee and jangle (sounds-like-the-Smiths). I still listen to a ton of pure synthpop too. Anyway, I am taking the time to share what I think you might like without reviewing it and carrying on. You know what catches your ear and if you are like me, you move on until you hear that magical sound and instantly like it.

To start, an hour long mix-tape (created from not so great quality mp3s) of some of my latest synth / post-punk / dreampop discoveries:

This started the year off as my most-listened-to:

 From San Diego (Escondido, really)!

Dark and moody:

 From Italy: not sure why this won't embed!

From Germany (I miss The Dust of Basement!)

From Russia:


From U.K.:

From Sweden:

From Germany:

From Austin, Texas:

Instrumental work from Liste Noire (Germany):

From LA:

From Vancouver, BC:

From Germany:

From LA:


From Russia:

From LA:

From Philly:

From LA/DC:

From Minneapolis:

From New York:

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