Sunday, January 31, 2016

Best of 2015 Track List

Hunny - Natalie (Southern California)
Jenny Broke The Window – Black Skeleton (Sydney, Australia)
Corsica Arts Club – All Of My Friends (Los Angeles)
Crushed Beaks – History (London)
The Legendary House Cats – King Grudge (Southern California)
Beezewax – In The Dark (Sweden)
Agent Side Grinder – Giants Fall (Sweden)
Kites – Orwell Knows (Sweden)
You Are Number Six – Lensflares (Montpellier, France)
Gateway Drugs – Young Lover (South Africa)
Polaroid Kiss – Hiding In Plain View Is Easy (Feat. Maps) (Dublin, Ireland)
Rexxy – Midnight (New York)
Priest – Strong Hearts (Orlando, Florida)
Willow – Stay Stay Stay (Belgium)
Halou – Stillbreathing (San Francisco)
Trash Can Sinatras – Best Days On Earth (Glasgow)
Talking Bush – Overgrow (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Blessa – Between Times (Sheffield, England)
Frisky Monkey – The Earliest Winter (John's Mix) (Atlanta, Georgia)
Algiers – Irony.Unity.Pretext (Atlanta, Georgia)

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