Saturday, January 18, 2014

Synthpop For Your Saturday

Feeling under the weather today, so this Saturday post arrives late. After living and working alone for 13 years (except for a few months), I think I have no immunity to colds. I am in the Sunshine State now, and it's really rather cold. Also, I am living on a sofa and around people more. Hence, the 2nd illness since November for me. Puked yesterday (and sober too! It must be noted). Insomnia struck me last night.

To kick off the new year, Stripmall Architecture offer a new track today. Their version of GusGus' "Blue Mug" is available as a free download right now...
Rebecca and Ryan wrote "We first heard this song when GusGus released their demo version on a compilation. When they released their final version, they had taken the song in a completely different direction. We've always loved both versions, but, for our take on it, we tried to imagine what the final version might have sounded like if we, a totally different pair of  from a very different background, had written that demo. What would our final version have sounded like?"

Deezer is offering an exclusive stream of the 'Amalfi Remix EP', including 4 unique remakes of the Hooverphonic hit single by Hermanos Inglesos, Jetlag, WAP and Milldyke. The remix bundle is released worldwide on January 17th, but you can already hear it on Deezer today UNLESS you are in America, Deezer. Dumb name.

 photo 1606985_10153659274240577_281933563_zpsb88a7a3f.jpg
Read-up on Gary Numan in this new article over at Filter Magazine. Interesting interview. Find out what is the best song he ever wrote and more.

I heard from Moto Boy: "First single from my new album! Yes! Finally! It took me four years. Thanks for waiting. Someday is the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album. It's an anthemic lullaby in the spirit of fuck all and follow your heart. My third album, “Keep Your Darkness Secret,” will be out on March 26th, 2014."
My obsession with Swedish acts continues, and you can hear why. This is Top Ten of 2014 material for me!

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