Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year

A few I have been streaming these past few weeks via Soundcloud:

Female vocals, dreamy electronics. Reminds me of Venus Hum.

Mellow male vocals and nice drum machine beats.

Indiepop continues to hold my interest. Can I just call this one "fun"?

2013 was not the best year for Like Sugar. I don't think I published more than one or two podcasts. Moving 2,466 miles and  into some serious drama was not helpful for the blog. The shut-down of in the middle of my move nearly paralyzed my inflow of new music discoveries. At the time of this post, I still have no permanent abode, but I do have a laptop and access to the Internet just about anywhere via this jetpack.
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One more before I go, some "froth rock" from Austrailia:

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