Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Wolfhounds - C86 Indiepop for Today

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'Divide & Fall' is the 2nd new single from The Wolfhounds in 2013. The lead song is an abrasive, yet catchy. A song that would sit comfortably near the top of the bands extensive back catalog. 
Earlier this year the band released their first new 7" in over 20 years ('Cheer Up').

If you don't know the history here is a brief outline from Oddbox Records:
"The Wolfhounds formed in the early 80s (no one quite knows when, as the process was somewhat random and organic), the Wolfhounds became one of Britain’s most persistent and consistent underground bands in the latter part of that decade, and featured David Callahan on vocals, later of ‘post rock’ prime movers Moonshake. Though more orthodox than Moonshake instrumentally, the Wolfhounds were just as distinctive and individual and scored many independent ‘hits’ in their day, as well as remaining critical favourites to the end of what could now be called their first phase.
Having curtailed their activities in 1990, the band occasionally reconvened from 2005 for the occasional live show, but 2011 and 2012 have seen a renewed vigour, with more live shows and new material beginning to be written and recorded. In their first incarnation, the band recorded four albums (nothing if not prolific, their last three LPs were recorded and released within the space of one 16-month period) and many singles and EPs, as well as appearing on the legendary C86 cassette which was distributed free with New Musical Express in 1986. Three sessions were recorded for BBC Radio One’s John Peel Show."

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