Sunday, February 24, 2013

Synthpop For Your Sunday

Revisiting some bands tonight, just to see if anything new has been posted. I thought I'd check out The New Division. I re-fell-in-love with this track. It's exactly what I like:  a little electronic, a little guitar, and dreampop vocals.

One of the best aspects of Soundcloud is that you can see what other artists "liked" or added to "favorites". I have discovered so many great tunes by following an artist and seeing what they deem worthy of a favorite. A great example:

I saw that Some Desperate Glory added this song this his favorites, so I listened and then I liked it. Simple. Now I share it here and we are all happy. So, let's enjoy a remix by Some Desperate Glory, shall we?

Here's a new one from Syrian (Italy). Thanks to Todd at A Different Drum for the heads-up. I was a Syrian fan from way back when was a thing. I am glad to hear that this act is keeping their early sound.

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