Monday, February 18, 2013

Paperfangs debut "Past Perfect"

Very nice! The first release on Soliti in 2013 is the debut album from Paperfangs: "Past Perfect" (try track 4 for a good introduction to their sound). The Helsinki/Tampere based three piece discuss the themes, formation and context of "Past Perfect":
"We started planning our debut album in early 2012. Instead of using our old tracks and ideas, we wanted to build everything from the scratch. From early on we had a clear vision of making it a concept album: one about layers and stories that will open up differently to everyone.
The key word was symbolism: every sound, every word and every image must have a reason to exist.
I began to write the songs in the late spring. On a holiday in an unfamiliar city I walked in to a small paper shop and bought myself a pen and a notebook. I sat on a park bench in this city filled with stories and started writing mine down.The first lines of the album became a mantra, a theme and a key."

In other news, The Mary Onettes (a Like Sugar favorite) have a new album arriving on March 12, 2013 on CD/vinyl/digital. Pre-order here. What's extra cool is the 180 gram vinyl includes a CD!

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