Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Like Sugar (#31) out now! Dedicated.

My new mix is live here.
Size: 74.6 MB
Length: 01:05:09

This one's dedicated to Barbara S. and by extension, her friends and family. We pray for her speedy recovery and wish to see her back in the DJ booth.

Not sure I can get it onto iTunes, because Odeo (the host) is doing maintenance.
This one's bit heavy on the dark club side. I threw in some exceptions to break it up a bit. From the non-fuzzy Apples In Stereo to the sorta trip-hop of Javelin to the post-punk of Zounds (later covered by Lush, check into it), this mix is voice-free. I really like what the Drums are up to and then I go full-on goth/industrial club with hints of modern synthpop.

Comment! Comment! Comment! Please! Danke!

The track-list is:

01 - The Apples In Stereo - Dance Floor
02 - Javelin - Vibrationz
03 - Teddybears - Devil's Music (feat. ADL)
04 - Zounds - Demystification
05 - The Drums - I Felt Stupid
06 - De/Vision - Time To Be Alive
07 - Rotersand - Beneath The Stars
08 - Kisses - Bermuda
09 - Million Young - Cynthia
10 - Delorean - Real Love
11 - Groove Armada - Paper Romance
12 - Class Actress - Careful What You Say
13 - Frozen Plasma - Touching Ground
14 - The Smiths - There Is A Light...(Josh Patrick Mix)
15 - XP8 - Blind
16 - Pin Me Down - Time Crisis
17 - The Radio Dept. - Never Follow Suit


Micah said...

Thanks! I'll check it out! I was just wondering what I wanted to listen to tonight. :)


Marshal said...

Thanks for putting this mix out. Unfortunately I can't seem to get to it on zshare. Any idea what's up with that? Thanks again

Marshal said...

whoops, nevermind. i saw in a more recent blog post it got updated.

DJ Talbot said...

New zshare link is:

I try to keep that right column current. Zshare files get killed for robot copyright reasons, I am sure.