Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Le Sport (video)

In more Le Sport news, I found a link to a new video:

Le Sport - The House of Primates from le sport on Vimeo.

The track is "The House of Primates" and thanks to @itsatrapdotcom for the info.

OK, what else... SXSW is on (I guess, there are too many posts about it to tell when it starts or ends or if it really exists). I think I will make it in 2011, after clearing up some legal issues.

Listening to Shout Out Louds even more, and I am even more satisfied with the new album "Work." I hope some singles and b-sides come out. I really like the Passion Pit remix of Fall Hard. Also listening to the industrial-pop of Rotersand. Sometimes this kind of sound is best in small doses for me. It's also a type of music that just needs to be heard very loud. Can't do the loud thing these days, sadly. Still, this material is a fine modern progression of the genres that spawned it.

Side note: I use RSS and Google Reader to keep up on a myriad number of music sites. One site has had me smiling for a while, but it's not musicy: just makes my day, sometimes twice a day. Thank-you, Allie, for your humor. Spaghatta Nadle makes me smile.

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