Monday, October 26, 2009

Rambling on

Well, I am not working much. Some sort of slump. Some sort of dry period. "Feast or Famine" say my me some time to explore music, but the feeling of uselessness makes me want to listen to old music, not new! Then I get to looking through my digital photos and I get all the best years have passed me by.

Anyway, Nephu Huzzband has new tracks to check out on myspace. I blogged a while back that the vocalist reminds me of Robert Smith. I am not too active on myspace anymore, but I cannot deny that it's a great place for new music.

Listening to Project Pitchfork, Princess Niko, some Pet Shop Boys (Yes), Nitzer Ebb and some Lucyfire.
Catching up with the busy DJ Narcolept.

Wanted be one of these guys for Halloween for some time:


colorsblog said...

hey dude just found your podcast looking for post-punk, sinthpop shows...

very nice tunes, allready subscribed... greetings from sao paulo.

take care
jota wagner

DJ Talbot said...

I (heart) Sao Paulo!