Sunday, October 18, 2009

Louis Eliot of material!

An interesting read at this blog. Seems my hero Louis Eliot, the wonderful singer of the under-noticed 90's Britpop act "Rialto" is releasing new material in 2010. The author writes: "Well, I am delighted to announce that the long-awaited follow-up album is finally being released in January 2010. What's more, I've already had a listen to it and it's brilliant. Kittow's Moor is the first album that Louis has made with his new band, The Embers..."

I am super excited. Got to love it when an artist you love keeps on, despite a band break-up! Eliot's 2004 release is still listed on Amazon (USA) for the absurd price of $44.99.


Sean said...

Thanks for linking to my article on Louis Eliot.
He does, indeed, have a new album out in early 2010 & a new single, 25th of the 12th, in mid November.


Sean Hannam
Say It With Garage Flowers

DJ Talbot said...

Thank YOU, Sean, for your work on this and for having such good taste in music!