Monday, June 29, 2009

A Different Drum / Frozen Plasma

Thanks for placing your order with A Different Drum. We appreciate your
support of independent music!

This is a copy of the order that you placed. If you see anything wrong
with your order, please email and let us know.
If you selected payment by phone or if you have further questions, just
call 1-888-88-SYNTH (within the USA) or (435) 563-0409.

I just ordered the new Frozen Plasma CD "Monument". I have not pre-listened to it. I am going to trust that it's gonna be good, considering Felix Marc has not disappointed me with his solo album and earlier work with NamNamBulu (a band I played quite frequently in clubs).

I want to encourage anyone that orders physical cds to use A Different Drum. This label and on-line seller has been a major part of my music life and I want them to weather these hard economic times. I am dedicated to ADD... I even attended SynthCon in 2005! We flew to Salt Lake City, Utah for the event. I got to meet and chat with Michael of WaveInHead! We rode in a van to the airport with Somegirl.

If you have a love of synthpop and an interest in the life and business aspects of a label-owner, you can read a blog written by the owner of A Different Drum. It's here. I find it to be a well-written blog with personal and business insights that are truly interesting.

ps I am listening to Melody Club as I type this. Both Melody CDs I own were ordered from A Different Drum! What other label offers such tasteful electronic pop?

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