Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Regurgitation, but it tastes good!

An update from the Best Band Ever:

hi everyone. it has been so long since the last update, you may not
even remember being on this list! but things are about to change.
in case you haven't been checking, there will
soon be quite a bit of activity by the band. you can read all the
details on the website, but here are the highlights:

1. the band has completed recording and mixing their new album, which
is called "in the music". the album should be released in the spring
(around march) of 2009.

2. the band is releasing a limited availability download-only single
from the album THIS MONDAY - october 13. the song is called "oranges
and apples" and was inspired by syd barrett, one of the original
founding members of pink floyd. there is a syd barrett tribute
charity festival taking place this month in cambridge and london and
the band is releasing the single so far in advance of the album in
order to help raise funds for the charity (the syd barrett trust).
the song can be purchased from the usual suspects - itunes, emusic,
amazon, etc, with proceeds going to charity. please download the
single to help support this charity...this can also help give the
band momentum heading into 2009. spread the word!

also, there will be a video coming out shortly and some new t-shirts,
which will also help benefit the charity.

3. the back catalog (4 albums) should be re-released with b-sides in

4. the band plans to be at the south by southwest festival in austin,
tx in march 2009 and touring the us before/after. they're also
planning to tour in the uk, japan and parts of europe next year.

5. for the guitar players out there, the website has been updated
with guitar chords for all 4 albums and nearly all of the b-sides.

just wanted to give everyone the latest information. please check, the
tcs message board and the band's myspace page for updates and more

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