Saturday, May 10, 2008

Songs for happy robots to dance to

Arthur and Martha
made my night. I am trying to complete my 10th popcast, but the whole thing sounds too familiar. I think I will use Arthur and Martha's "Autovia" to tie the show together. This is music for fans of Ladytron or Stereolab.


davidaarong said...


When you get a moment, check us out!
The Long Division - Neighbors:
The Long Division - bility:
The duo is made up of Jef Vandertogt (who lives in Ontario, Canada) and me, David Gonzalez (Los Angeles, California).

Thank you for your time,

DJ Talbot said...

Cool, I will check you out...seems I have heard or read of The Long Division before...hmmm.

davidaarong said...

Hi Dj Talbot,

If a track catches your attention, let me know and I'll send a mp3 which you can share with your readers -David