Monday, February 11, 2008

Ulrich Schnauss Update

Caught this update on the workings of Ulrich Schnauss. This guy works magic with a sound not unlike Slowdive's dreamy reverb and adds more electronic blips and bleeps, modernizing it all into an early 90's Britpop & Shoegaze dreamscape for today. Sounds even better on vinyl!
I played "Medusa" on Like Sugar's Shoegaze Edition in December 2007.

Latest Ulrich Schnauss collaborations:

-auburn lull's majestic new album "begin civil twilight" is being released in early april.

- millimetrik's (pascal from below the sea) stunning new record "northwest passage's new era" is being released this month.

Latest Ulrich Schnauss remixes:

-preco records release aus' "lang remixed" on march12 - this will include a remix of "halo".

-madrid's "first message" ep is now available on itunes - this includes ulrich's "out to sea" remix.

-resonant recordings release port royal's "flared up - the remixes" in early april - this will include a remix of "stimmung".

-a remix of highly influential singer/songwriter katharina franck's "faithful friend" will soon be made available via itunes

Latest Ulrich Schnauss videos:
-"monday - paracetamol"

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