Saturday, February 9, 2008

Like Sugar Popcast

Like Sugar Popcast 7 Tracklist

Don Juan Dracula – Take Me Home

Gentle Touch – Once You Used To

Shout Out Louds – Hard Rain

(fill) The Occasional Keepers – Rose Scented Fire

Apoptygma Berserk – The Damned Don’t Cry (Visage Cover)

The Brothers Martin – The Harsh Effects of Time

Arab Strap – The Shy Retirer

Flow Flux Clan - Fascination Street (The Cure Cover)

The Olive Shoots – Tabula Rasa

Days – The Simple Thing

(fill) The Cranes – Fragile (Remix)

The Maccabees – X-Ray

The April Skies – Memories Of Annabel * yeah, I know I said they were from Sweden when I recorded my show. They are from Norway, a warmer country so far, far away.

The Wombats - Dr. Suzanne Mattox Phd.

Portishead – Wandering Star

Gene – For The Dead (Version)

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