Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

It's Independence Day here in the USA, but I keep thinking it's Saturday. Saturday means Synthpop for Your Saturday, where I post a few synthpop finds. Well, I am in the mood, so let's start with this one from The Ballet. I don't write political entries, mostly because it only invites negative feedback and I really don't care what you think about politics. With that "Turn You" may have a message, but let's just enjoy the song and the freedomness.

A little more poppy, but slick (and on Bella Union!), here's another act with "ballet" in their name.

More synthpop."I Can't Stop" by Melodies In Mono:

This Soundcloud user is worth a follow. Check out . He's collected some nice covers of indiepop bands and I think some tracks are his own work. I've noticed Indonesia has a large indiepop movement.

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