Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Twin Cabins

It's mid-October and it's 94 out. No air-conditioning in my studio, so the fans are on full-blast. These are not bonfire-scented Autumn days. I was looking through a free local weekly called the Reader and came across a small article about an area musician. You can read it here.
I decided to check his work out and after a few songs, I thought it was worth sharing here on the blog. I feel bad about not featuring more local music, but I am too lazy to search them out. Also, there are other bloggers that do nothing but post local music and show information. I don't even read those myself, so perhaps I am just not finding a reason to promote San Diego-based music.My world is much bigger with the Internet.
Why the author uses the term "chillwave" is beyond me. I have never labeled anything with that term. I am with the artist, Nacho CaƱo: this is dreampop.

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