Tuesday, July 17, 2012

XX Junkie Churches

The Pop Cop has a great entry on CHURCHES and it includes an .mp3 of the killer "Lies".

♫ I received another take down notice today. This time, it was for posting a legal remix of Foster The People in 2011. What does that mean? No more Foster The People news here, ever again. WGAS?

♫ I am no fan of "preview" tracks, so I am not embedding this. While I love Junkie XL, I am sad to hear him dip into the dubstep bucket of sounds for teens on this "The Dark Knight Rises" track.

♫ I posted a 20 minute mix preview (didn't I just say I don't like previews?) of Like Sugar PopCast 40. Download it here.

♫ Another MNDR track to share!

♫ This is everywhere now, but I'll hop on the bandwagon in case you missed this new one from the XX:

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