Saturday, July 16, 2011

When Chill Caves in on itself

I have to address this: while I enjoy the sound of Washed Out, there is this nagging feeling that I have heard it all before. I can't sit through the entire album. I know that saying "it sounds the same as" is a cheap shot, a lazy way of expressing an opinion... but I gotta say, this has little repeat power for me. I probably wouldn't say a single thing about the album if it wasn't showing up on mixtapes and podcasts. It's rather mediocre, and I think I have listened to way too much chill-out music over the last 15 years. Ulrich Schnauss does this better. I hate to criticize, but I need to do so once in a while, otherwise this is just a blog with recycled promo material.
So what am I listening to now? Go here to hear something that doesn't bore.

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DJ Talbot said...

@diplo tweeted: "Washed out need to put some starch in the wash cause this Álbum sounds kinda limp."