Monday, September 29, 2008

New synthpop for my ears - Christopher Anton

I received a nice surprise in Ye Olde Maile Boxe today. Thanks Postman Bob!
I am listening to said surprise as I drog. It's a fine Compact Disc from artist Christopher Anton (his myspace here). The CD is titled Your Perfect Tragedy and it's on Mirror Piece Records.
I'm only at track 5, and it's been a pleasant listen so far. The unavoidable comparisons to Depeche Mode are nagging me. As an act that spans decades now, Depeche Mode has several sounds and this CD does the same. I especially enjoyed what sounds like live drums on some tracks. A nice change from so much of the synth scene of today. There's a fair bit of guitar here too. Anton avoids the dreaded 129 beats per minute that has taken over the dancefloor. A nice change to haz some mid-tempo electronic pop!

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