Thursday, March 20, 2008

Labrador signs The Sound of Arrows (free MP3)

Labrador is proud to present The Sound of Arrows - the band that will lead Swedish pop into the next decade. With the deepest love possible they gather sounds and samples from all over and turn them into lush pop songs with exquisitely beautiful melodies.

Download MP3 here >>

The Sound of Arrows treat their own songs like remixes and will present their releases almost like mixtapes. Their approach to music bare some similarity to Saint Etienne around “Foxbase Alpha” or The Avalanches, but they never end up sounding like either. The future of music can not be compared to anything - this is The Sound of Arrows!

"Danger!" is taken from the upcoming 9-track (!) EP due to be released on May 7.
The Sound of Arrows - "Danger!"

Track listing
1. Intro
2. Danger! (MP3)
3. A very sad song
4. Winding roads
5. Cotton crew remix
6. Mr Pedro remix
7. Panache remix
8. Ice cream shout version
9. Outro

Release date: May 7

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