Thursday, November 12, 2015

Still going...

Norway's one-man project Featherfin creates music inspired by a variety of genres,
from indiepop, dreampop and shoegaze via folk and 60s pop to synthpop, experimental music and modern day electronica.
On his latest single, a catchy and upbeat two track release of "The Crimson Spill" and "Nananarama",
he has introduced rougher guitars and for the first time does the lead vocals himself.

I am contributing to this year's Best of Indie 2015 (so far) playlist. Listen via Spotify.

I am working 40 hours a week as an employee since returning to California and it's nearly been 6 months of it. I think I am nearly done with that, and plan to be independent again by 2016. Currently, I simply cannot manage my own time and that takes away from doing the things that I love (music, backpacking, etc.). This is not living, but simply earning a paycheck. 13 years of self-employment has shaped me and I just cringe when directed to behave a certain way, or be spineless in the face of abusive people. Fcuk this. I have 2,005 unread music related emails in my inbox... proof that I need to make yet another change in order to be in a place that allows me some joy.