Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 is Here... and so am I

I have been rather infrequent with this blog's updates since moving to Florida in November, 2013. I can point to moving around a bit as a big reason. A necessary need to focus on surviving, rather than hobbies also altered my output. I now have a persistent, blazing fast connection and a new computer. There has been a shift to streaming music and that has impacted my desire to blog (you can discover new music on your own now... who needs my suggestions when there are tags like "postpunk" and "synthpop"?).

Lola Dutronic was played on an early podcast I did and I am glad to see more from them. This one reminds me of Hooverphonic a bit:

Some fine synthpop from Finland. It's not all polished and slick. I really like this quality. It's as if you can hear the effort that went into creating the song. This one has so many aspects of synthpop (except the name "Uncle Tan" which is short for Taneli, but anything "uncle" sounds creepy to Americans)

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