Thursday, November 29, 2007


There are so many better mp3 and music blogs out there...I just meet the quality that they exude. Basically, this page is best for the little player on the right, where my mixes are always posted.
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Listening to the new Lasse Lindh and it reminds me of last night's Whole-Album-Listening that I occasionally force myself to experience (last night being Stars' "In Our Bedroom After the War"). I will need to try that one again. Tad disappointed with it. Lasse Lindh is very mellow too, but it has something twinkling about it.
I do like the Dirty On Purpose EP "Like Bees". Inspiring shoe gaze! Voxtrot and The Macabees continue to grow on me.

Last week's "Thanksgiving" Mix is still up on zshare:

Cheers -Eric

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