Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Friday

Get Songbird

The title was a place holder, but I failed to post anything.
So, it's Saturday now. I should be in Golden Hills for SessionsFest....

I ended up at the Triple Crown Pub last night. Starcrossed played their first show with what was supposed to be a new line-up. Their guitarist died last week, so the only new member was Shadow, the drum-machine. I thought they played rather well, considering the emotions that could have brought it all crashing down.

The show reminded me why I can't stand going out anymore. College aged knuckle-heads with pitchers of beer screaming at sports events on t.v. You can't mix the arty music crowd with the meat-headed sports crowd. I like to DJ at bars, but I don't like to see bands at bars. Is it that hard to dim the frigging lights? It's a show for entertainment. Give the band a chance to do what they do without cutting the mystery factor to zero.

Also, I looked around, being single and just plain curious. Not one decent looking girl. I even dropped my standards and looked among the smoker-chicks. Not one, and this is San Diego! Triple Crown= bar flies. Thank goodness for the internet ; )

Oh, wait, the *itch you emailed me and instructed me to "go *uck yourself". She was there. So, as we can see, she is not only classless and rude, but she hangs out at trashy bars.Get Songbird

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