Monday, September 17, 2007

Club 8 - New Album!

Club 8
»The boy whocouldn't stop dreaming«
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Club 8 returns in the grandest of ways with their sophomore sixth album. "The boy who couldn't stop dreaming" is pop music at its most profound, balancing perfectly between sunshine and melancholia. Twelve songs that’ll make you sing along about death while dreaming of summer days. A glorious return to say the least!

Extra track and a tacky badge ...
Everyone who pre-orders »The boy who couldn't stop dreaming« from the Labrador shop will receive a free badge and an exclusive, previously unreleased bonus track. The bonus track will come in MP3 format on the release day.

»Whatever you want«


Out September 26 - ships today!

Live dates
25/9 - Sweden - Stockholm - Pet Sounds Bar (release party - free!)
6 /10 - Sweden - Göteborg - Klubb Populär@Storan
13/10 - Sweden - Malmö - It's a trap@Debaser
2 /11 - Sweden - Stockholm - Svenska Musikklubben@Debaser Medis

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